How to join the DSA:

To get started participating in the NRV chapter of the DSA, you do not need to be a dues paying member of the national organization. You can fill out the "Im interested" contact form below and we will get in touch, or plan to attend a meeting.

To become a dues paying (there is a $0 dues option if you need it) member of the national DSA, go here:

When you fill out the membership form using a mailing address in the NRV, you will be added to our roster. We will contact you, or you can get in touch with us by filling our our "I'm interested" contact form below. Someone will get in touch about adding you to our communications channels.

Why Join the DSA:

While you do not need to be an official member of the DSA to participate in our local projects/meetings, becoming a member allows you voting privileges, ability to make grievances, access to national discussion boards/working groups, and other administrative things. It also increases our membership numbers, which affects allotment of delegates for national convention.


If you have questions about becoming a member, you can fill out the general contact form with your question here.