What is ecosocialism?

Ecosocialism is a movement to address the daunting ecological challenges we face in Appalachia and around the world through solidarity.

Ecosocialists see capitalism as the primary force driving climate change, deforestation, species extinctions, and the steady degradation of our planet. Capitalism provides strong short-term profit incentives to big corporations and the ultra wealthy to burn through natural resources with no regard to future impacts — leaving the working class, minorities, and the Global South to shoulder the burden of pollution, natural disasters, and rising oceans.

What can we do? We can organize together. We can join forces and show capitalists we will not stand by idly while they destroy our future.

Current Priorities

DSA Anti-MVP Coalition

The New River Valley DSA is working with other DSA chapters, progressive organizations, and environmentalist groups to stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP).

  • We have coordinated rallies across Virginia and North Carolina to pressure banks to divest from the MVP.

  • We have engaged in education to bring attention to the pipeline’s impact to the communities and environment along its path

  • And, we have shown solidarity with the Yellow Finch treesits in Elliston, Va. by helping clean up the site and raise money for Appalachians Against Pipelines.

Future plans

  • Organizing to promote the Green New Deal.

  • Building awareness of the environmental impacts of the Radford Army Ammunition Plant.

  • Coordinating statewide and regional actions to stop climate change and promote divestment from fossil fuels.

Interested in organizing with us?

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